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If petrol costs to much, why not use LPG fuel?

The Miller-Haantz wedding had a beautiful setting near Lake Como. With the outdoor ceremony near sundown, I was able to capture amazing photos of the bride and groom on their special day, capturing the spirit of the bride’s wildlife conservation interest and the groom’s love of the outdoors.

GDP_Farming v Tractors2

Entrepreneurial Niche Farming

Mrs. Christensen was carrying twins who were eager to show off for the camera! We captured over a dozen fabulous shots, including one with her twin’s footprints showing on their mother’s stomach. It was a magical portrait session, one that she’ll share with her babies through beautiful photos.

Flying Saucer

The first flying saucer: The Angelos

Tom Anderson had run into me at a Better Business Bureau meeting with a problem – all his agent’s photos looked stiff and staged. Over the course of three weeks, I met with all his agents and was able to develop portraits that caught their true personalities.