The Sky Above Us by 2020

The Sky Above Us: Air Transport  by 2020

The skies at literally all levels above us will very soon play host to all sorts of flying vehicles – Jetpacks, Hoverbikes, Vertical / Short Take Off and Landing (VTOLs, STOLs) and Personal Planes (PPlanes) to name but some. We are set to move off the ground and into the air starting in the next year or two, People need to get around faster both within and between cities and  beyond. The current transport systems  cannot cope with  those needs. An amazing quantity and variety of solutions are being planned, protoyped and developed.  By 2020 we should already be seeing them in our skies.

Future Plane

Things we thought of as science fiction or still far off in the future, we can now see in real life.  Who would have imagined a person flying alongside of jet planes like Tony Start (Iron Man)  or racing across town on a hoverpod like Luke Skywalker in (Star Wars- Return of the Jedi). Read More


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