Snails (Escargot)

Snails CooktThree foods which have remained in the Greek diet continuously since antiquity are snails, pork and roasted sesame seed toffee in honey (pasteli). Galen, a Greek medical author in 2nd century A.D is reported as saying that all Greeks ate snails on a daily basis. 

Apparently the habit of eating snails migrated from ancient Greece to Rome and from there to France and England. The traditional method of collecting wild snails is to wait until after rainfall when the snails have been flushed out into the open, from where they are easily collected. The snails are then kept alive for a few days to a week on a cleansing diet of thyme, water and flour to purge them from any poisons from food they may have eaten, and they are then prepared for consumption.

Millions of kilos of snail are eaten each year in countries as diverse as …… READ MORE

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