Niche Farming in Greece

Producing the essentials of the Mediterranean diet: Small size, high quality and networked farms.

Edible Landscape

It is ironic that while the 20th century mass production farming in Greece is struggling, the traditional small sized farms are leading in innovation.

The village produce and wild foods which Greeks have always highly prized in their own diets are now in demand around the world. In an age of globalization, networked communication and fast transport, it has become possible to operate niche buisenesses successfully. Health promoting foods such as olives, figs, grapes, honey, saffron, snails, pomegranates, wild greens, lentils, and nuts – all characteristic foods of Greece since antiquity are the crops which form the basis of the famed Mediterranean diet. This diet is endorsed by doctors and dietitians everywhere and it is these crops which are now in  demand and which are offering Greek farming some future hope.  READ MORE

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