mushroom cultivationWhile mushrooms have been part of the human diet since antiquity intensive commercial cultivation is a relatively new phenomena in Greece. An important attraction of mushroom cultivation is that it can be managed by two people and they can produce up to 60 tones per year on a ¼ acre. Successful production of this scale could potentially provide an income of approximately €40,000/year.

In order to produce these kinds of high yields on this size of land there has to be a strict control of the humidity and heat in the growing environment (greenhouses). The scale of the machines and the extensive research done on mushroom production have made it possible to reach this level of production.

The market opportunities for mushrooms in Greece is impressive. Currently Greek consumption of mushrooms is about 11,000 tons per year while only 3000 tons are locally produced. The other 7-9,000 tons are imported. READ MORE

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