Ippofaes (Sea Buckthorn)

800px-Hippóphae_rhamnoídesAs the story goes, towards the end of Alexander the Great’s military career on his way back from India and his last conquest in around 324 BC, he headed for home with the main body of his troops through the Gedrosian Desert and Makran region (now part of southern Iran and Pakistan). Toward the latter part of the march food and water rations were greatly depleted and both troops and horses started to die. The troops passed a region were ippofaes grew wild. After feeding on the ippofaes the horses miraculously recovered full vigor and regained their shiny coats. The name ippofaes is derived from the two Greek words Ippo (horse) and faes (meaning shiny).

Its seems that the 11th century Mongolian General Genghis Khan also relied on this plant. The fact of the matter is that ippofaes grows easily in many conditions many of which are harsh. It grows from one end of the world to the other.. from China to USA and most points in-between. It is not known to be a difficult plant. READ MORE

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